Lebkuchen Schmidt

The traditional manufacturer of original Nuremberg gingerbread sells its specialities with dc on digital channels to customers all over the world.
At the centre of Lebkuchen-Schmidt's digital strategy is the bilingual online shop, which offers customers information about the brand and the Christmas theme in addition to product presentations. Functionalities such as gift options and the integration of numerous external tools (Emarsys Recommendation, Factfinder search, live chat) round off the Lebkuchen-Schmidt shop, which handles several thousand orders per day during the peak season.
To support the sale of Lebkuchen-Schmidt's products, dc has developed a comprehensive SEO (on- and off-page) and SEA strategy, which has led to a noticeable increase in sales immediately after the launch. The ongoing support in this area allows the online marketing experts at dc to react immediately to various requirements and thus to carry out the digital campaigns in an even more targeted and therefore more successful way.